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heal yourself.  feel yourself.

Our collective is filled with energy + light workers who are dedicated to transforming the way we take care of ourselves & connect with the Universe/GOD/LOVE/Light/Creator/Buddha, whatever resonates in your soul.  

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rent chi

We're currently accepting bookings for the spring qTR. (Feb-Jun) + SUMMER QTR. (JUN-SEP)

For 11 years, we've been planning,producing and hosting unique affairs
+ celebrations of all kinds. 

This year, we're raising the vibration and crafting the ultimate chi event guide - launching on March 1st

You're looking for a florist, a caterer, a photographer, a musician or DJ, decor and maybe even an Elvis impersonator for your daughter's birthday - and you only want the coolest.  It's a huge undertaking.  We understand.  In the chi event guide, you'll find a list of people we trust for all of the above and more.  Well, Elivs might need his own guide. 

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